In 1962, Andy Warhol appropriated images of violent death from America’s newspapers to create a silkscreen series he called Death & Disaster. His insight: readers had become inured to the horror of these images by their constant repetition in the news, and that America had an insatiable lust for celebrity, violence & death.

Inspired by this idea in a new century even further over-saturated with violent imagery, my reaction was to re-create the original black & white news images as miniature dioramas and photograph them in full color.

The images are titled with their original news headlines.

A Glamorous Death has been produced on film for viewing as a Viewmaster reel, and designed for the Bakelite Viewmasters whose mass- production started in 1962, the same year that Warhol began his own series.

The reel is packaged inside a well-used film canister.

Behind the scenes

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