Michael Endy’s photographs have been featured in more than 200 national, regional, and international exhibitions. His work is held in the collection of the CICA Museum in Seoul, South Korea, as well as numerous private collections.

He holds a BFA from Pratt Institute, where he studied photography with William Gedney and printmaking with Clare Romano.

His studio is in Westfield, New Jersey, where he lives with his wife and daughters.

Artist Statement

American fauxtographs.

My photographs depict fictional urban landscapes of my own construction, conjuring mysterious, surreal, and dystopian narratives rich with American symbolism.

To create the imagined world that I capture through my lens, I build intricate miniature sets—likely a vestige of my childhood fascination with toys and the environments & buildings my grandfather built for them. My actors are small-scale, painted figures. The complete compositions are precisely lit and captured in a single photograph with minimal post-production.

The resulting images are reminiscent of frames from old Technicolor movies that have yet to be made. Designed to inspire the imagination, their incomplete narratives suggest a before & an after, and that there may not be a happy ending.

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