Night Symphony No. 1

New Jersey plays a starring role in this photographic series. My images depict the familiar, dated landscapes of the state’s suburban-industrial environment set in the darkness of night. And while human interaction is the focal point of each image, the characters are seen from a distance - as though the viewer is spying on the action. This state feels at odds with the current calendar, with some areas still firmly rooted in the 1940s. The actors and the landscape combine as a still frame from a film noir that was never made; there is a story unfolding and an unmistakable undertow of menace. It's just what we expect of New Jersey.

Behind the scenes

On exhibition: Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ, 2020 New Jersey Arts Annual

On exhibition: 

George Billis Gallery, New York, NY

Summer Invitational, 2019

On exhibition: SHIM Art Network @Aqua Art Miami, Miami Beach, Florida, December 2019

On exhibition: Shore House, Jersey City, NJ, 2019 Jersey City Art & Studio Tour

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