Quarantine 2020

This series examines the emotional toll of social isolation on individuals during the coronavirus pandemic. Inspired by Edward Hopper's paintings of urban isolation, these new images depict our 2020 coronavirus pandemic in real-time, when just venturing outside may lead to infection & when extended individual quarantine is necessary for anyone who may have come into contact with COVID-19. Beyond the fear of the disease, loneliness and despair from a lack of human interaction can be emotionally devastating. Yet economic disparities ensure that the isolation experienced by one citizen may present as insolation for another.

Marlboro Man vs the Statue of Liberty, 2020

Two Americas: Marlboro Man vs. the Statue of Liberty. Rugged individualism vs. Enlightenment & community; the cultural archetypes upon which our differences are built.

With the coronavirus engulfing our country, a debate between pragmatic medical guidance and the needs of the business community has brought these differences into the open in the guise of a yet another politicized cultural war.

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